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With over 15 years of experience, Darryl Poulton is a Master Personal Trainer and Full Time Fitness Professional. He has inspired hundreds of people from all walks of life including professional athletes, celebrities and business executives. 

If you are new to exercise, occasionally workout or want to improve your fitness performance, Darryl will coach and guide you to achieve your Highest Health and Fitness Potential.

If you feel confused on What To Eat, Which Exercises to Perform and How To Overcome Obstacles, Darryl will motivate and guide you towards achieving your goals.


Very dedicated & knowledgeable Personal Trainer


Being in the over 40’s category, I have learned the importance of adjusting ones exercise routine in order to get better results and avoid injuries. With Darryl I got personalised, practical and professional advise that will continue to get me the results I want. I also especially enjoyed the opportunity to train outdoors at times, and relax my muscles with a great massage. Highly recommended.


Very very professional. Darryl is very dedicated to what he does and has an extremely “ Can do “ attitude. He will cater to your needs and for me it was a very good experience. I learned what to eat and when to eat it . I learned more about my body. However out of all of this experience what I loved the most is that Darryl is very positive and Apart from changing your lifestyle to a healthy one he will also change it to a positive one. Thanks a lot


Empowering, I must say my experience with Life Force Fitness Malta is a very positive one.
Apart from being very effective its empowering and motivating. Went beyond my expectations.
Excellent service, professional treatment and environment. My favourite is Holistic Massage. I recommend Life Force Fitness. Thank you for always finding time to help when needed.


Excellent service. Knowledgeable and very dedicated. I highly recommend Darryl to all those who wish to lose weight and relax with his stress busting massages:)


Giving Professional advice when asked for, Darryl is flexible and adaptive in situations like injuries. Training with Darryl is enjoyable besides getting the maximum health benefits


I tried out a massage with Darryl and it was perfect. He really is a great guy and a perfectionist.


A very competent personal trainer, he knows what he is doing and is very capable to help you reach your health goals. He is very down to earth and I always feel comfortable while I am training. Darryl is incredibly supportive and he never gives up on you. When I can’t carry out a task he modifies it according to my needs. I definitely recommend that you choose Darryl to be your personal trainer. You will not be disappointed!


Darryl has been my personal trainer for around 6 months and in that time he has helped me achieve some good results. These are results I would not have been able to achieve without his vital input, knowledge and motivation. In addition to his undoubted expertise he makes you feel at ease and will steadily push you towards your targets whilst always making you feel like they are within reach.


Very professional and motivating !



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