Body Fat Testing


By just relying on scales, real progress cannot be determined. Periodical testing for both body fat and weight will enable you to accurately monitor progress by calculating your lean body mass.

Measuring tapes are also employed and results are used to track your real progress. Together we will determine your ideal weight. A Personalised Nutrition Plan & Exercise Programme can later be tailored to your particular needs.

The body fat testing we offer is conducted by means of a  BIA - A handheld Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Machine. This is non-intrusive, meaning you won't need to undress or be pinched by means of the old caliper method. Results are accurate and will be delivered immediately.


The following guidelines are to be followed prior to being tested:

  • Abstain from eating and drinking within 4 hours of the test
  • Avoid exercising within 12 hours of the test
  • Void (urinate) completely prior to testing (this can be done at the Life Force Fitness Studio)
  • Do not drink alcohol within 48 hours of the test
  • Avoid taking diuretics prior to testing unless instructed by your physician
  • Caffeine intake - due to its diuretic effects, should be avoided in the hours before the test


The Body Fat Testing service we offer will also include a Body Mass Index (BMI) and Hips to Waist Ratio Analysis. We will also take your Height, Weight, Hips and Waist measurements. This is offered at no additional cost, in order to give a complete picture of your Body Mass Composition. The results can be used for future comparisons to determine progress. 


The Body Fat Testing service is offered at Eur 30 per person.

For 2 or more persons who opt to be tested together Eur 25 per person.  


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